Welcome to Orchard Park Community Council

Orchard Park Community Council came into being on 1 April 2009 although the elections to the Council took place later, in June 2009. The most recent election was in May 2015 and the next elections are due to be in May 2019, apart from any election which may be called for a casual vacancy.

A ‘Community Council’  is another name for a Parish Council – the first level of government closest to the people and representing the concerns of the local community.

The council meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm at The Orchard Community Centre. Everyone is welcome to attend any meeting with the opportunity to ask questions at the start of each meeting.

Crime protection – safety day

A community safety day has been organised, to be held on Sat 18th of March 09:30- 12:30 at SCDC offices.    The event is aimed at Parish Councils, Neighbourhood Watch Members or anyone who is interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  

It will be chance for delegates to take part in a series of workshops throughout the morning to help them make their communities safer.

 Workshops will include:

 ·        Neighbourhood Watch-  how to make the most out of your scheme

·        Speeding and Speedwatch-  how to make your village roads safer

·        Avoiding Scams and Frauds

·        Looking out for the vulnerable in the community

·        Q+A panel chaired by Ch.Inspector Sutherland

 The event is free but places must be reserved.  If you are interested in attending please reserve your place by clicking the link below. 





Crime in Orchard Park

Sadly, reported incidents of crime in Orchard Park has increased over the past year and continues to do so. House burglary, theft from garden sheds and bikes left chained in any open space are prime targets.  Although the first point of contact for such criminal offences is the Police, the Community Council are doing what we can to reduce this statistic.

Please see our leaflet attached. police-flyer 

The Community Council would like to hear from anyone who feels they could offer resources to a neighbourhood watch scheme.

Waste & Recycling

There are changes to our waste and recycling collection days, the new collection date from W/C 27th February for Orchard Park is FRIDAY.  Blue/green and black bins will alternate.

For further details please visit the SCDC web site on the link shown https://www.scambs.gov.uk/content/tuesday

Orchard Park Litter Pick’s

Kit’s are available any time from the Community Centre for all residents wishing to participate in keeping the Community litter free.


The Community Council thank all of you who participate in the recycling program, this is of huge benefit for our County and district Council’s and the UK in general, saving from excessive landfill. Please ensure that you separate dry paper and place it in the paper caddy which fits inside the blue bin, further information regarding all recycling procedures can be found at www.scambs.gov.uk/recycling.


Changes to South Cambs Refuse Collection

Please note the bin collection day for Orchard Park is changing to FRIDAY

For further details please vising the SCDC web page on the link below


Post Box

Request for a Post Box on Orchard Park is declined with the following comments:-
The nearest box situated in Buchan Street CB4 2XF is approximately around 0.3 miles approximately 6 minute walking distance, from where you are proposing, this distance is within the required national specification of any new installations. Sadly, I regret to inform you that a new box cannot be installed on this occasion, if things do change in future we will be more than happy to review.

Remedial works

At last we see the roads in Aster and Sweetpea Way finished, work is on-going in Stanley Ave and further finishing still to be completed in Iceni Way. However progress has indeed been made at last.

Road adoption and lighting issues

The main roads through the development have now been adopted by Cambridgeshire County Council, with exception to Neal Drive and the section of Topper St from Neal Drive to Chieftain Way. The adoption of Chieftain Way imminent. This means that most streetlight issues are with County Council although some remain the responsibility of Gallagher’s. Please follow the procedure for reporting street lighting faults in the County Council website: http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/info/20081/roads_and_pathways/10/roadworks_and_faults
The parcels of land developed by independent home builders such as Persimmon, Martin Grant and Taylor Wimpy, remain the responsibility of those developers. These roads do not have a section 38 agreement for County Council to adopted, however County Council would be happy to adopt them subject to satisfactory maintenance, if put forward for adoption.
If you have maintenance issues including streetlight, it is the responsibility of the developer to repair. The Community Council will be able to advise you of who to contact if you are unsure who your developer is.

Dog Fouling

Many people are concerned about dog fouling in public places which has increased recently. It is the legal responsibility of dog owners to clear up after their dogs. As well as being an unpleasant eye-sore it also presents health hazards, including toxicariasis, a roundworm which can cause stomach upsets and blindness. Children in play areas are especially vulnerable. If you walk your dog on Orchard Park please make sure you clean up afterwards.

The Community Council has a contract with SCDC to empty the dog bins provided, every two weeks.  It is not the responsibility of the Community Council staff to clear away dog fouling, please adhere to the Council signs on our open space facilities.

Please help us protect our children by keeping dogs off play areas and grassed sporting areas and please use poop bags to clean up and dispose of your dog’s waste in the dog bins provided.

If you witness dog fouling you can report details to South Cambs District Council on 03450 450 063.

Dog fouling can lead to a fixed penalty of £75 or a fine of up to £1,000